圓盤翻刮式干燥機Repeatedly scraping tray drier

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一、工作原理及應用范圍介紹   Introduction of Working Principle and Scope of Application



1.   有機化工

聚氯乙烯樹脂、聚四氟乙烯樹脂、反丁烯二酸、蒽醌、硝基蒽醌、對氨基苯酚 、三聚氰胺、氰尿酸、對氨基苯磺酸、抗氧劑168、色酚As、硬脂酸鹽、苯胺、硝基苯胺、雙季戊四醇、氯化石蠟、甲酸鈣、三乙烯二胺、EDTA、橡膠促進劑、苯亞 磺酸鈉、間苯二甲酸、二甲酯五磺酸鈉、硫脲、油溶性苯胺黑染料、酸性黑染料、靛藍等有機化工原料和中間體。

2.   無機化工

輕質碳酸鈣、活性碳酸鈣、納米級超細碳酸鈣、碳酸鎂、硫精礦、硫鐵礦、銅鎳礦、氫氧化鋁、碳酸鍶、碳酸鋇、碳酸鉀、立德粉、保險粉、硅微粉、硫酸鋇、硫酸鉀、微球 催化劑、氫氧化鎂、硫酸銅、硫酸鎳、鎳酸胺、鉬酸鈉、氯化鈉、冰晶石、氧化鐵紅、草酸鎳、草酸鈷、氧化鐵黑、氫氧化鋰、氫氧化鎳、氫氧化鋯、磷酸鈣、硫磺等。

3.   醫藥、食品

氨芐青毒素、鄧鹽、左旋苯甘氨酸及中間體、頭孢氨噻、頭孢三嗪、安乃近、西咪替丁、維生素B12、維生素C、藥 用鹽、藥用氫氧化鋁、藥用偏硅酸鎂、咖啡因、茶、花提取物、銀杏葉、巧克力粉、淀粉、玉米胚芽等原料及醫藥中間體。

4.   飼料、 肥料


    Wet materials self-charger continuously charges materials to the first layer of drying tray on the top of the drier, and the rabble arm with shovel blade conducts a rotary motion to make the rabble arm shovel the materials continuously. The materials flow through the surface of drying tray along the specified spiral line to conduct heat and mass transfer, and the materials on the small drying tray are transferred to its outer edge and fall on the outer edge of the large drying tray, the materials on the large drying tray move inward and fall on the inner edge of next layer of small drying tray from the middle blanking mouth. Large and small drying trays are arranged up and down alternately, so that the materials can continuously flow through the whole drier. The hollow drying tray is added with heating media such as steam, hot water, conduction oil and high-temperature molten salt. The heating medium enters from one end of drying tray and derived from the other end. The materials which have been dried fall on the bottom layer of shell from the last layer of drying tray, and finally moved to the outlet by shovel blade for discharging. The moisture overflows from the materials and discharged from the moisture discharge outlet on the head cover (the moisture of vacuum type tray drier is discharged from the vacuum pump outlet on the head cover).

Tray drier is a continuous vertical and heat conduction-oriented drying unit, which is widely used in the fields such as chemical industry, dye, pesticide, plastics, medicine and food. Drying technology has its wide development prospects. It can be used for drying the following products:

1. Organic chemical industry

  Organic chemical raw materials and intermediates such as polyvinyl chloride resin, polytetrafluoroethylene resin, fumaric acid, anthraquinone, nitro anthraquinone, p-aminophenol, melamine, cyanuric acid, p-aminobenzene sulfonic acid, antioxidant 168, azoic coupling componentAs, stearic acid salt, aniline, nitroaniline, dipentaerythritol chlorinated paraffin, calcium formate, triethylene diamine, EDTA, rubber accelerator, Sodium benzenesulfinate, isophthalic acid, 2-methyl ester-5-sodium sulfonate, thiourea, oil-soluble aniline black dyes, acid black dyes and indigo.

2.Inorganic chemical industry

    Light calcium carbonate, activated calcium carbonate, nanometer sized ultrafine calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, sulfur concentrate, pyrite, nickel-copper ore, aluminium hydroxide, strontium carbonate, barium carbonate, potassium carbonate, lithopone, sodium hydrosulfite, silica powder, barium sulfate,  potassium sulphate, microspherical catalyst, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide,copper sulfate, nickel sulfate, nickel acid amine, sodium molybdate, sodium chloride, cryolite, iron oxide red, nickel oxalate, nickel oxalate, cobalt oxalate, black iron oxide, lithium hydroxide, nickelous hydroxide, zirconium hydroxide, calcium phosphate, sulphur, etc.

3.Medicine and food

   Raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates such as ampicillin, potassium (R)-[(3-ethoxy-1-methyl-3-oxoprop-1-enyl)amino]phenylacetate, D-Phenylglycine and intermediate, cefotaxime, ceftriaxone sodium, analginum, cimetidine, vitamin B12, vitamin C,  pharmaceutical salt, medicinal aluminum hydroxide,  medicinal magnesium metasilicate, caffeine, tea, flower extract, ginkgo leaf, chocolate powder, starch and maize germ.

4. Feed and fertilizer

  Potassium carbonate, bio-potassium fertilizer, protein feed,chlortetracycline feed, mycelium, bran, vinasse, grain, seed, herbicide, cellulose, feed calcium hydrogen phosphate, etc.







1.Continuous operation and high thermal efficiency. Continuous tray drying machine conducts drying by the means of conduction heat transfer. In the process of drying, the drier is injected with a small amount of air (or with no air),  it has very little end gas carrying volume, thus its thermal efficiency can reach over 65%.

2.Low power consumption and small noise. Due to very thin bed of materials, low spindle speed, less power required for materials transfer system and less power consumption in the process of drying, the power consumption of the full set of drying unit is 1/5~1/7 of that of convective heat transfer unit and it has very small noise.

3.Materials evenly heated and short drying time. In the processing of drying, the materials roll forward in the drying tray along the Archimedes spiral motion curve and the journey passed by the materials is 5 times of radius of the drying tray, and then the materials fall layer by layer, therefore, the time that the materials contact with the heating plate surface is basically identical and the materials are heated very evenly.

4.Small material loss and good environmental protection.

5.Closed continuous operation of equipment and low labor intensity of worker.

三、工藝流程圖Process flow diagram



Technical parameters (the values in the table below are for reference in type selection only)



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