TQ系列多功能提取罐TQ series Multi-function Extracting Tank

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This equipment as a common product in producing Chinese tradition medicine, is often used to extract effective ingredients from animals and plants and perfume oil in such fields as pharmaceutical manufacturing, biology, food, chemical industry etc.


1.      嚴格按壓力容器規范制作,內外精密拋光,符合GMP要求。

2.        設備主要由主罐、消泡器、冷凝器、冷卻器、油水分離器、過濾器等組成。

3.        設備的主要形式有直筒式、正錐式等,可根據需要配備攪拌裝置。

4.        出渣門有多種形式供用戶選擇,有雙氣缸鎖勾式、多氣缸旋轉式。

5.        根據客戶需要可加大出液時的過濾面積,增加側出液口,以提高生產效率。

  1. It’s strictly produced based on the standard of pressure vessel, polished in both internal and external side. In accordance with GMP requirements.

  2. It’s made up of the main jar, foam breaker, condenser, cooler, oil-water separator, filter etc.

  3. There are mainly vertical barrel type, positive cone, mushroomtype, reverse cone etc. According to the requirements, stirrer device can be installed.

  4. There’re several optional types to install slag-removingdoor, like double-cylinders with latch, hook type, muti-cylinder with rotation type.

  5. As the client’s requirement to improve the production affectivity, filter area can be increased when liquid flows out.


Technical parameters (the values in the table below are for reference in type selection only)



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